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    Simple Logo Design Pricing

    All items and prices are spelled out on this page. You won’t find any other fees or hidden charges. Guaranteed!

    Start your own logo

    Hire freelance logo designers ($19)

    For $19, your project will be assigned 3 freelance designers delivering 6 unique logo concepts for you to choose from. If you like to see more logo options, each additional hire is just $5.

    Logo copyright ($49 each)

    You only pay this if you like a design and want to use it. After you purchase the logo copyright, you will receive a logo package file including vector source file of your chosen design.

    Unlimited logo Revisions ($20)

    If you like a logo concept but need to make additional modifications, include this option when purchasing your logo and designers will make unlimited revisions according to your instructions until it’s 100% perfect.

    Private option ($20)

    By default, we would like to show our past work to future clients. Include this option and we will hide your logo design from our public portfolio, search engines and competitors. So it's only visible to our registered logo designers.


    1) Will I really receive my custom logo in 60 min?

    Yes, our design team is spread across the globe and are always standing by 24/7. Any time of the day, you logo order will be delivered within an hour guaranteed. In fact, our average turnaround time is more like 30 minutes.

    2) Why do I have to pay $49 to use the logo?

    The logo concepts you receive are custom created based on your design brief. However they are copyrighted by the respective designers until you purchase the exclusive copyright for just $49. Once sold, the designer cannot sale the same design to anyone else.

    3) Can I get a refund?

    No. The $19 you paid us to create your custom logo is not refundable. Please take a look our past work and see the level of design quality you can expect.

    4) Can I hire more than 3 designers?

    Of course. You can hire additional designers for $5 each. Every designer will submit at least 2 custom logo concepts based on your design brief.

    5) What if I need design revisions?

    When you pay for your logo design, you can choose unlimited design revisions for just $20 extra. Our designer will revise your design according to your instruction until it is perfect.

    6) How do I purchase multiple logos?

    They are $49 each. Just click on the buy button under the design you want and select whether you need additional design revisions. Our designer will prepare the logo package file for you to download.

    7) What file formats will I receive?

    Our final logo package includes JPG, PNG, PDF, and EPS (vector source file). These file formats will be sufficient for both online and offline use. Any additional formats can be request directly from your logo designer.

    8) I'm a logo designer; how do I signup to join the team?

    Freelancelogodesign is run by a team of experienced logo designers. We selectively recruit designers with good portfolio and track record. You can sign up here and one of our moderators will get in touch with you.